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"My knee had been a problem for me for about 5 years and was continually popping out of place....but I love working out, and didn't want to have knee surgery unless absolutely necessary. I had been surgeons, therapists, and also to another chiropractor who did nothing but treat me as a money-tree. Arika worked on finding the root of the problem and went from there. After about 4 sessions with her combined with stretching, strengthening exercises, and massage therapy I was feeling better. Now after 7 sessions I no longer have any pain and my knee doesn't pop out of place during my very strenous workouts."
--A Gregg, Wichita, KS

"I spent many years as a competitor in taekwondo and hapkido competitions around the U.S. I also now have my own martial arts studio, and I spar and train with my students to ready them for competiton....My body takes a lot of abuse. Whether it is my lower body, back, shoulder, etc., I can count on Arika to provide the upmost care and attention to me, and remove the pain and fix the problem."
--R. Brockman, Wichita, KS, USA Martial Arts & Fitness

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